I can perform your wedding day or night, 24 hours a day, if needed.
You will need a Wedding License and 2 Witnesses.
You must get a Wedding License at a Courthouse in California or Arizona. It is good for one year. I can perform the wedding anytime within that year in the State you got the lic. So, on one side of the River or the other. The local Court House is on 250 W. 2nd St. Yuma, AZ. Open Mon-Fri.
A wedding license cost less then $100 and you are getting it from the State, not me. I will fill out the License at the ceremony and you will return it to the Courthouse to record it.
You must pay a deposit of 50% if you want a special time and date. People reserve dates as far as a year in advance. So do not wait if you want a special date.
A simple wedding at the Foothills Wedding Chapel is $150 mon-fri before 5PM. You MUST call before you come. 928-342-5420
All weddings cost $50 more after 5PM, even if it goes one minute past 5PM.
Weddings are $200 on Sat-Sun. $50 more after 5PM.

Weddings at your location. The cost depends on where, when, how far, how complicated and what time. A 50% deposit is required for all reservations. You must call on the phone to arrange your wedding date and time.